Five year strategic plan

Strategic Areas of Focus

The plan defines five overarching strategic areas of focus that will decisively impact and influence achievement of the vision. The related statements are expressions of the fundamental aims of the institution over the next five years and help to channel our collective efforts in the development of major goals and strategies.

  • Education and Training: Expanding academic programs and sustaining the highest standards of academic performance and professional competence.
  • Outstanding Workplace and Operational Excellence: Creating an exceptional work environment and fostering the highest standards of operational performance and financial transparency.
  • Contributing a new generation of Kenyans to the workforce: Creating independent healthcare practitioners who can be an example of a thriving, vibrant and successful professional community, developing a new level of health care professional.

Strategic Plan Goals and major Strategies by Areas of Focus

  1. Education Training and Excellence
    Expanding academic programs and sustaining the highest standards of pedagogy; ensuring optimal management and full accreditation of all educational programs.
  2. Clinical Excellence and Community Health
    To focus on developing the best practice methods and professional competencies of all graduates; to support the development of clinical facilities across the country, for graduates to work and offer the best health care options in all communities, particularly underserved poor and rural communities.
  3. Outstanding Workplace and Operational Excellence
    Develop an optimal working environment for all faculty and employees, enhancing a professional and personal environment in which the best work practices and accountability is developed and maintained; to be an example of responsibility and integrity in the workplace for all engaged in the School.