4Kenya Education Fund


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Many youths aim to complete tertiary education as health workers at KSIM, but their guardians do not have the financial resources to pay the school fees.  

In the past, students from marginalized backgrounds were sponsored to become Health Workers. This concept has shown no sustainability for the College. The goal for the college is to be financially self-sustainable in the long term.  


Therefore, the 4Kenya Education Fund a revolving fund was launched to provide loans to needy, but bright students for their studies at KSIM. When previous beneficiaries repay their loans, the recovered funds are used again (revolving) to support new students. 4 Kenya is responsible for both training and education. 

The 4Kenya Revolving Fund aims to provide tuition fees and boarding costs over three years. As the repayments are revolving, the fund can support continuously students. 

The first 60 students will graduate thanks to the 4KEF in 2024.  

Pay it Forward in a nutshell

How does it work? 

  • The 4Kenya Education Fund (4KEF) is a revolving fund, it’s a cycle 
  • The start of the revolving fund is a financial injection for the fund from donors (1). We started fundraising in 2018, but due to Covid19 we paused fundraising and transferred the funds to HELB Fund Management 
  • Donations are going over the 4KENYA Trust (2) to HELB Fund Manager (3) 
  • KSIM (4) provides 4KEF Students recruitment, education, accommodation and food 
  • Repayments will be made after the students have graduated and are earning an income in the labour market (6) thanks to career training, coaching and job placement with the help of the KSIM Career Training Centre (5) 
  • As students repay their loans from 2026 onwards, the fund is replenished again and again enabling multiple student batches to be educated in future years 
  • From 2024 to 2027, further funding is needed to maintain and enlarge the cycle from 2028 onwards the 4KEF will be self-sustainable 

We are looking for sponsors who believe in our “Pay it Forward” philosophy. Each donation will finance not one batch of students, but as the Fund revolves, will contribute to the education and employment of a large number of students for decades.