About Us

Our Mission: To improve community health in Kenya, by providing and promoting complementary health care and teaching in integrated medicine.

4Kenya School for Integrated Medicine was established early 2007 by the founder Marie Magré, who worked together with a group of dedicated and experienced people in homeopathy and health care from all over the world.

4Kenya aims to improve community health through offering high quality of health care training and linking it directly to a more holistic and integrated approach in health care. In practice this means we are combining conventional medicine and homeopathy in our teaching and treating.

4Kenya’s interventions are based on the following pillars:

  • Expanding health care opportunities by offering education at certificate-, diploma- and post-graduate levels in Homeopathy, Community Health & HIV/AIDS Management and Nutrition & dietetics.
  • By combing conventional and homeopathic health care, we are ensuring that youngsters trained by 4Kenya are able to fit into the Kenyan Health care system and fill the need for qualified healthcare workers.
  • Through mobile clinic and outreach work we are reaching out and serving health care to people in the district hospitals, in the rural health centres, and in the most remote community health units.
  • Offering a new approach in community and public health care, by providing care to local communities based on integrated medicine.
  • By collaborating with local government and other medical training institutes within Kenya and the United Kingdom we keep high standards in our educational and health care programs.