Kenya school for integrated medicine


To offer a unique education in Integrated Medicine and support the development of healthcare in Kenya.


To empower a new generation of healthcare practitioners with a quality medical education and through the integration of conventional and alternative medicines, to support the provision of accessible, affordable and effective healthcare for all.

Kenya school for integrated medicine

The Kenya School for Integrated Medicine offers a unique opportunity to study for a professional career in the Kenyan healthcare system.

It is the only school in the country and most of Africa that integrates the best of conventional medicine with the best of alternative and complementary medicines that originates from Europe, North America and other countries.

This unique curriculum and training program, with the support of international organizations and advisors, as well as the best teachers and advisors within Kenya, offers students a wonderful opportunity to be on the cutting edge of medical developments and practices.

101202_162529Not only do students gain the best theoretical knowledge of homeopathic medicine, the main complementary medical specialty taught, they also have the opportunity to gain extensive clinical education in the outreach clinics sponsored by the school and in local hospitals.

The training prepares a student for both independent medical practice and also to work in the healthcare system in Kenya, using the skills learnt in the program.

It can also be used as a stepping stone for further medical specialist study in universities and colleges in Kenya and abroad.

The school also offers post-graduate training in homeopathic medicine for other medical professionals who wish to study the most popular form of complementary and alternative medicine in the world. Participants can come from all medical backgrounds e.g., nursing, public health officer, Clinical Officer, Physician, Pyschiatry, Psychology etc.

Situated in Kwale County, near Mombasa the school has wonderful facilities in which to embark on medical education. With spacious classrooms, a library with internet services, full service cafeteria, comfortable accommodation, the school offers a great atmosphere and environment to study and learn.