The 4Kenya Trust is a Kenyan Charity that is supporting the Kenya School for Integrated Medicine to provide a comprehensive training in both conventional and Homeopathic (Complementary and Alternative) Medicine. It is the only institution in Kenya to offer such an education. Our vision is for the integration of the best of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) into Kenyan healthcare, to create the best healthcare options for the Kenyan people. The trust is working for the full inclusion of Homeopathy into the Kenyan healthcare system as part of an integrated model of medicine.

The 4Kenya Trust is supported by the Dutch charity Stichting 4Kenia, which has been given a five year grant by the European Union (E.U.) to support the health care system in Kwale County, by working directly with the Ministry of Health, Kwale County to support the development of its health care system and to provide certified medical personnel in both conventional and CAM medicine. The E.U. is one of our partners and sponsors that helps us provide healthcare to the people of Kwale County. (See sponsors and partners).