The 4Kenia Trust is a Kenyan Charity that is supporting 4Kenya the Kenya School for Integrated Medicine (KSIM).  

Kenya School for Integrated Medicine was founded in 2007 to provide educational opportunities for Kenyan youth, particularly in Kwale County.  

Currently, KSIM is Kwale County’s only private Health College offering health education with a strong focus on preventative healthcare. Working directly with the MOH Kwale County, our students acquire job experience in local hospitals and health facilities through mentorships. In this approach, we directly contribute to the health and welfare of the community. 

4Kenya has launched the 4Kenya Revolving Fund to provide loans to needy, but bright students for their studies at KSIM. The great thing is that the 4Kenya fund is sustainable. When beneficiaries repay their loans, the recovered funds are used again (revolving fund) to support new students. 

We from 4Kenia Trust are looking for sponsors who believe in our “Pay it Forward” philosophy. 

Download 4Kenya Education Fund presentation