Fundraising needs

These matching funds are being directly used to support the project and the goals of the institution. The following are some of our main goals:

  • Support the education of needy students with subsidized training and accommodation
  • Fund the development of Community Health Units in Kwale County, working with the Ministry of Health
  • Support the development of health information systems in the county so the Ministry of Health can assess health care policy more accurately
  • Provide the financial and technological support to implement health policy
  • Support the development of health care policy on a national level through seeking the integration of Complementary and Alternative Medicines into the Health Bill in Kenya
  • Support mobile clinics to provide essential health care to underprivileged areas, including providing nutritional programs, homeopathic medicine and various other health care campaigns
  • Train medical personnel throughout the county in Integrated Medicine
  • Develop research protocols with the Ministry and other partners to do operational research in the field
  • Maintain operational integrity of our school through improving infrastructure and facilities including our IT labs, sporting facilities, building maintenance etc
  • Develop 6 Integrated Medical centers in the County, attached to regional hospitals and 6 mobile clinics connected to each centre, creating a total of 36 mobile clinics
  • Supplying each center and mobile clinics with medicines, supplies and information to work within the community