Fundraising needs

Currently 4Kenya Trust is looking for partners to support us with the following:

  • Administration Building: Support the development of a new administration building to cater for the developing goals of the school and allow us to increase our student capacity.
  • 4Kenya Education Fund (HELB): Support the education of needy students with subsidised training and accommodation. To ensure the sustainability of our Educational programs and to support our students financially, we have a partnership with the Kenyan Government’s Higher Educational Loans Board (HELB). HELB is offering our students a loan called Afya Elimu. This provides our students with 40% of their annual tuition fee at a low annual interest rate of 4%. To cater for the remaining 60% of their tuition fees, we started a 4Kenya Education Fund.
  • Educational Capacity Building: Supporting educational development and capacity building of teachers and resources including development of E-Learning platforms.
  • Clinical Outreach Clinics: Support mobile health clinics to provide essential health care to underprivileged areas
  • Operational Capacity: Maintain operational integrity of our school through improving infrastructure and facilities including our IT labs, sporting facilities, building maintenance etc