Community Health Center

We offer a variety of Health Services 

Child Growth Monitoring Paragraph: 

We offer child growth monitoring services to track your child’s development and ensure they meet important growth milestones. The cost varies based on the extent of evaluation and counselling provided. 

BP Check-Up Paragraph:  

Our clinic offers blood pressure check-ups to monitor your cardiovascular health. Choose from basic or comprehensive assessments to ensure your well-being. 

Haemoglobin Level Check-Up Paragraph:  

In our clinic, we offer haemoglobin level check-ups to assess for anaemia and other blood disorders. This service helps us provide personalized care and recommendations. 

Health Talks 

The Community Health Center offers for the surrounding communities and the KSIM Students educational “Health Talks”. 



Do I have to pay at the Kenya School for Integrated Medicine for the health services? 

Yes, but our prices are lower than in the other private clinics in Kwale. Also, you don’t have to line up or wait for long to receive the health services. 

Do you have health services at the Kenya School for Integrated Medicine? 

Yes, we have a Community Health Centre (Dispensary) at the Kenya School for Integrated Medicine, in which a Clinical Officer, offers medical services to our students and community. 

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