• As the school evolves into the next phase of its development, which the EU grant has allowed us to do, it is essential that the necessary infrastructure improvements are made to allow us to expand the number of students and develop the facilities as listed above. Also, to maintain the affordability of the school for people of less advantaged backgrounds it is important that we continue to subsidize the training and to offer scholarships to a number of students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend the school.
  • We are continually seeking other ways to raise funds, including from other NGOs, from tuition from students and from renting out the Conference Hall and restaurant facilities. The goal is to be fully independent financially in five years but because of the amount of subsidy we give to the education of students, and the nature of our work supporting the health system in Kwale County, ongoing costs and the need for fundraising will always be there.
  • Please help us fulfil our vision in Kenya. Support our project with the European Union and make our impact on the health system in Kwale County a positive one.
  • Help homeopathy and the concept of Integrated Medicine become part of the Kenyan healthcare system.