Homeopathy and integrated medicine

The Kenya School for Integrated Medicine is seeking to integrate the best of conventional and Complementary and Alternative systems (CAM) of healing. It is the only school in Kenya offering such a comprehensive course, its focus being on offering a professional training in homeopathic medicine as well as other medical trainings that are needed in the Kenyan healthcare system.

The school recognizes the needs of patients to be treated holistically (treating the person as a whole), integrating mind and body to get to the root causes of sickness. With skills in different disciplines, graduates can offer patients a complete approach to healing.

As Kenya seeks to explore the most effective, affordable and accessible forms of healthcare it is looking to incorporate the best of traditional and other Complementary and Alternative forms of medicine (CAM), as well as existing approaches. A new Health Bill in 2015 has sought to include and to regulate these traditional and CAM health modalities.